What To Expect With Your Annapolis Valley Family Photographer

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Hey there!

I’m Brogan Bentley and I’m the one behind the camera during your session!

I know there is information throughout my website about how I shoot, I also send you information for styling your session and other goodies once you’re booked in… but this is for you to get to know me as your photographer. This is a way for you to understand my shooting style and what to expect during your session but it’s also so you can get a bit more comfortable with me. (If you want to hop on a video chat or phone call, I’m up for that too!!)

My shooting style is emotive storytelling and authentic photography. I don’t just want to take beautifully posed photos of you, I want to capture those raw moments where you connect with your family.
So how do we get there, how do we achieve that?
Well, it starts before your session day, before you even get in front of the camera. You want to come into your session being fully present and in touch with your emotions, even the heavier stuff. You know sometimes things aren’t always rosy and perfect, being a parent is hard. Getting through just the everyday is hard and I bet that you haven’t had the easiest time getting to this point in your life. Sleepless nights, scary emergency hospital visits, the frustration of schooling at home during the pandemic and even just navigating this wild ride of raising little humans. 

It really can put a strain on your relationships with one another but you also start gaining a deeper appreciation of how messy and beautiful families are. Happiness and joy are beautiful things but they aren’t the only things worth capturing. I strive to genuinely see people. I don’t want to be forcing you into poses or uncomfortable positions. I want your story to be seen. Instead what I do is gently guide you and we don’t rush. 

Of course, there will be times of chaos, babies and toddlers have their own ideas and we do follow their lead. So if they’re running wild, we will run a bit wild. They want to play games, let’s play some games! Once they have some of that energy out we are typically able to slow down and embrace the calm. 

There may be some quieter moments and I find many families start to feel a little uncomfortable with the quiet but I want you to try to move past that. Life is so chaotic as it is especially with children and we are always on the go. Take this moment to really just be with each other. I often have families waiting on me to tell them what’s next and what to do. I just want you to be together in that moment.

When you soften and you’re interacting with your children and each other that is when I begin to notice those raw connections come out. They aren’t forced. They are truly authentic. 

As a photographer, I try to challenge myself with this as well. We have this pressure that we need to be on the whole session going from pose to pose and prompt to prompt, instead, I want to embrace that uncomfortable silence. I want to see your humanity and see your family in a real way.

While I’m shooting I might notice the lighting is a certain way or a mama brushes back the hair from her child’s face or the way she rubs their back when they’re upset, or, the way dad watches mom interacting with their kids. Those little moments and details are what inspire me. 

For the parents, there are a lot of prompts out there like, whispering something dirty into the other’s ear. Sure, that can create these great images but what does that actually say about your connection? What is your relationship like 2 kids later going through a pandemic? You know sometimes there is a lot of strain within that relationship and I want you to unpack all of that. Your story is not only a little bit messy but it is beautiful, and it’s yours. You’re still here, surviving and going through it all together.

With moms, yes it’s about a little bit about getting you in the frame more but it’s also about capturing the depth of that exhaustion and how you show up for your kids no matter what. Trust me, I get it. I’ve had those nights where you have gotten no sleep but you get up the next morning and power through the day. You know you just do whatever it takes because nobody loves my child the way that I do. 

If you’re still here and you want your family to be seen and captured in this way, continue connecting with me and share your family stories with me and if you’re comfortable with it share your family’s struggles too. Tell me how you like to spend time together. That way I know a little bit more about you and as your photographer, it helps me really see you and capture your connection on that deeper level. This whole session will be about connection. I want you to always be close, touching someone and genuinely connecting with one another. I’m there to help remind you and guide you to do that.

I would be so honoured to document your family in this way and remember that this is your family. You are uniquely yours and your images should be that way too. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this about what to expect at a session with me. If this resonated with you and you want me to photograph your family, whatever season of life that you’re in. Then just reach out and let’s get started planning your session! – Brogan 

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