Why I’m A Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Being both a mom and photographer, I’m all about preserving memories. One of my favourite things to do growing up was to dig out the old dusty photo albums from the basement and go through them. I remember the feeling of being there and truly getting to know what my grandparents were like when they were younger. How my grandfather would take me out to the big field behind their house and run around with me. The photos of me as a baby, growing up for the first few years in my grandparent’s old house. I got to know my own story a little bit better.

Think about flipping through the pages of the album with your children, showing them a little glimpse of their beginning. Maybe share yours with them too.

Your children will have these images forever. They will see you rocking them and the look of pure love on your face while watching them. The way you set up their room just so. Getting these photographs taken will become a true gift to your children.

This is my why. Why I photograph families in this authentic way that tells your story. I want you to be able to sit down with your children who are now grown and flip through your albums of their childhood. I want your children to show their children. These days are worth documenting.

During your session, we spend time in your home. We go into the main rooms like the living room, your bedroom and the baby’s room. Dad smiling at baby, mom and daughter dancing in the living room to a favourite song, mom snuggling with her fresh little baby. Making these memories and filling an heirloom album is for you to treasure for years to come. I’d love to chat more about what your session could look like!

close up of newborn baby's eyelashes while sleeping in moses basket

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