Most Popular OBGYN’s in the Annapolis Valley

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If you haven’t heard, I run a Facebook group called Motherhood in the Annapolis Valley & Beyond. It’as a judgement-free zone where we offer support, share resources and I host live videos with a variety of professionals. Well, I recently asked in the group who was the best OBGYN in the area and these are the most popular doctors who were recommended. Of course, not everyone may have the same experiences with each doctor but we are so fortunate in the valley to have truly fantastic group of doctors. Have you been to any of the ones below before? Any of the newer doctors I should add to the list? Please reach out! I’d love to hear from you!

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Dr. Anna Coolen

Office is located in New Minas, NS and is shared with Dr. Nette and Dr. Joice.

She’s very caring and approachable, knowledgeable and skilled.”

Dr. Coolen has my heart, my uterus and my ovaries for life.

She was so upbeat, always a call away when I had concerns or questions as a first-time mom and when my delivery took a turn, she was such a strong support and comfort during my emergency c-section (not only for me but also for my husband).

She was so kind and caring and advocated for me in every way!

Dr. Michael Rudd

New Minas, NS

I feel comfortable with him and that he is genuine.

Super straight to the point and good at what he does!

The best at c-sections!

Dr. Farrell Nette

New Minas, NS

She was super patient and kind (a bit hard to read at first but warms up after a while and is very non-judgemental).

She is knowledgeable, caring, empathetic, and supportive. She was there for the birth of both of my babies and was a calm and confident force in the delivery room, and helped me through these natural births without need for interventions.

She was there for the birth of both of my children and was accepting and encouraging of our birth plan, highly professional, and such a support to us during the whole process of pregnancy, labour and delivery.

Dr. Greg Tynski

New Minas, NS

Dr. Tynski was one of the nicest, knowledgeable doctors I have ever met.

He was one of the best doctors I have ever been to.

He has been very friendly, considerate, honest and open to our situation and our feelings.

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