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Halifax doula Jessica Smith was awesome enough to chat a bit about the services that she offers and share her number one pregnancy tip with us today on the blog! Jessica lives away from her family so she truly understands what it feels like when you lack support during your postpartum journey. That helps fuel her passion for providing her clients with the experience that she wish she had in her own journey. She knows that each person and their birth experience is unique. Jessica is respectful of your personal choices and is there to give you the tools and information you need to make those decisions.

To learn more about Jessica, scroll down to see what she has to say:

halifax doula jessica smith

“Hey, I’m Jessica Smith, wife and mother to my amazing toddler son. I am new to doula work, having finished my training in the fall of 2021.

What made me want to become a birth worker was my own experience during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I felt there was a bit of a gap and I wanted to help bridge that gap with more support for parents during such a transformative time in their lives. I’m also a hairstylist and have been working in the field for 13 years. I love connecting with people in every area of my life.

I’ve been trained by DONA International and offer birth and postpartum support either in person for the HRM area or virtually for all of Nova Scotia.

I’m also currently studying to become a lactation counsellor which will be finished this spring. With completion, I’ll be able to offer lactation support in person around Halifax and virtually for all of Nova Scotia!

My packages are fully customizable and I keep it that way because we are all unique individuals with different needs.

Working with me is very down-to-earth. I like to keep things casual and upbeat. I’m all about positive energy. I like to make sure my clients are educated with their options so they always feel in control no matter what is thrown their way. Whether you’re wanting a home or hospital birth, medicated or unmedicated, vaginal or cesarean section and anything in between, I’m happy to be there.

I keep my booking process straightforward. Once you reach out we set up a time to do a virtual meet and greet. I use Zoom, FaceTime or phone calls.

It’s always important for every doula to have a backup doula. So of course I do have a couple of backup doulas who I work closely with. These women are exactly who I would want and chose to have at my own birth. I feel very lucky to have met other supporting women in the industry that are so smart and welcoming.

My number 1 tip for pregnancy, birth and postpartum would be doing yourself a huge favour by sitting down and creating a birth and postpartum plan. Taking the time to create a “plan” is the education you get going through all of your options. Birth and postpartum is a very unpredictable time. Knowing your options so you can make informed decisions is very powerful. It’s great to have solutions for yourself instead of having someone else decide them for you. Being able to reflect on your journey and knowing you got to choose your own path no matter the obstacle is empowering.”

If you want to talk to Jessica or learn more, you can visit her website, Instagram and Facebook


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