Q&A with Halifax Prenatal and Baby Chiropractor, Madison Baile

Let’s start by telling everyone about who you are and your business.

“I grew up in Aurora, Ontario and after graduating from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College with my Doctor of Chiropractic degree, I moved to Halifax with my partner, a Nova Scotian and chiropractor! We made the easy decision to call Halifax home and start our lives together. Right now, it’s just the two of us but we can’t wait to have a big family one day!
For as long I remember, I’ve been interested in how the body works and the way it moves. My interests drove me to Western University. Here, I received my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology. My whole life I’ve been surrounded by Chiropractors. I received my first adjustment the day I was born because of the interventions used during my birth. I always knew I wanted to be in healthcare but I didn’t realize the chiropractic profession would be my true calling. I continued to see the positive impacts that chiropractic care was having on people’s lives and most adamantly in the lives of pregnant women and children. I knew that when I became a licensed chiropractor, I would confidently follow my passion and use my skills to treat pregnancy-related pains in women, post-partum women and infants. I’m proud to say that this is where I am today.”

What services and treatments do you offer and where?

“I always start with a 1-hour initial assessment. This visit includes a detailed history of your case, a physical examination and your report. The report summarizes the history and physical exam findings, the diagnosis and the treatment options. It’s very important that I provide an exceptional educational experience to the patient and keep them motivated with things they can do at home for themselves or their child. Treatments with me might include adjustments, mobilizations, soft tissue therapy, taping, exercises and acupuncture. In the near future, I’ll be offering a postnatal rehab series focusing on core strength and the pelvic floor muscles! STAY TUNED! You can find me at Choice Health Centre in Dartmouth and Village Wellness in Upper Tantallon!”

Halifax prenatal chiropractor

What training have you done?

“My training includes a four-year degree from Western University in Kinesiology, then a four-year doctorate degree from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. I’m certified through McMaster University in Neurofunctional Acupuncture.

Additional courses I’ve taken to specialize in pregnancy and pediatrics include:
– Advanced Pediatric Bootcamp and Pediatric Intraoral Palate Specific Technique (for pediatric tongue ties)
– The Webster Technique (for proper pelvic alignment during pregnancy)
– The Royal Canadian College of Sport Sciences Pregnancy Conference
– Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy
– Baby Led Bodywork Masterclass
– GrowCo Postnatal Rehab Series


What are the benefits of chiro for pregnancy? for children?

“One of the many benefits of seeing a Chiropractor for pregnancy is to restore proper pelvic alignment. Pelvic alignment encourages a shorter, easier birth, and eases pain commonly found in the lower back/pelvis. Chiropractors provide ergonomic and postural education to encourage spinal health, mobility and functionality as the mother’s balance changes throughout her pregnancy. For Infants, Chiropractic care is very beneficial if the newborn is experiencing latch difficulties, hiccups, reflux, and painful gas. The chiropractor uses gentle techniques to help relieve muscle tension and its patterns throughout the body, and properly removing the symptoms. If the infant is generally symptom-free, routine checkups are recommended with your Chiropractor to ensure the infant is reaching all of their motor milestones.

In school-aged kids, the spine is growing and changes to its structure are happening each and every day. Growth plates are closing, bones are lengthening and falls do happen! The chiropractor can assess the spine for scoliosis, growing pains and sporting injuries to keep their backs moving as they should!”


What types of problems do you treat?

“In the general population, I treat anything of a musculoskeletal origin. Anything that attaches muscle to bone! This includes a sore neck and low back from sitting in a chair all day, nagging headaches, jaw “clicks” or TMJ pain and “sciatic pain.”

For pregnant women, I commonly treat low back/pelvis-related pain, round ligament pain, neck pain, rib pain, and carpal tunnel. In the postpartum population, I commonly treat mid-back/neck pain, wrist pain, and address core strengthening for pelvic rehab. With any patient, I provide education about the plan and life-changing advice that lasts for years.

For the infant population, I commonly assess that the baby is reaching developmental and motor milestones and treat conditions such as torticollis, tongue/lip ties and latch difficulties. Parents will book an initial consultation if they notice symptoms such as excessive hiccupping, reflux and painful gas.”


How young of patients are you willing to work with?

“I work with babies as young as the day they were born, although I typically see them around the 1-week mark.”

What is the most common issue you see with someone who is pregnant?

“In my practice, I commonly see pelvic and low back pain. Pelvic pain can appear from the joints of the pelvis because of a hormone called Relaxin. Relaxin rushes through the mother’s body causing all the joints, most prominently the pubic symphysis and sacroiliac joints to relax and prepare the pelvis for childbirth.”

What is it like working with you? What is the process to book? What would you say are your core values?

“I meet mothers where they are. I want to work with them and make the visits we have comfortable and educational. New patients can book with me via phone or online booking at Choice Health Centre in Dartmouth, on my Instagram page @drmadisonbaile and at Village Wellness in Upper Tantallon! I value balance and compassion. I try to create and have a balanced lifestyle so I can give more to my patients! I’m a firm believer that everyone deserves to be heard and whether it be for pre-natal and postpartum treatment, a newborn baby or nagging neck pain, everyone gets the same level of attention. I am so proud of my patients and watching them achieve their goals on the road to recovery is amazing.”

Your number one tip or piece of advice for parents?

“You are doing amazing!! Chiropractic care can help treat so many conditions for adults, kids and infants. If you have any questions on whether Chiropractic care can help you, contact me or book in to have an initial assessment. Wellness check-ups are an excellent way to ensure that your newborn, child and teenagers are meeting their motor milestones and for anyone wanting to improve their spinal health.”

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