2 Dental Clinics in the Annapolis Valley Who Are Great With Kids

When it comes to doctors and dentists, appointments can be a scary thing for a young child. Especially those first couple of appointments. Going into a strange place, with strange people who are poking and prodding around your mouth with strange objects can be a traumatizing experience for some if they don’t take things slow. Making it a fun experience for your children is huge. Luckily these two amazing dental clinics in the Annapolis Valley truly cater to young children and families. They care about the experience and that your kids enjoy going back again and again. This will make your and your kids’ lives so much easier in the future if they end up needing a lot of dental work. Take a look at these two locations if you’re new to the area or if your kids are starting to look for their dentist.

Valley Signature Smiles

Kentville, NS

This is where we personally take our children so I have first-hand experience on how amazing they are with young ones. Our daughter LOVED and still loves going to her appointments. She was 3.5 years old for her first visit. They showed her all the tools, talked her through everything they were going to do and made the process smooth and fun.


Appletown Dental Center

Berwick, NS

Dentists who were born and raised in the Annapolis Valley, that is truly so special for our area. Dr. Schofield also operates a walk-in clinic for patients in Coldbrook.

Please remember to do your own research when looking for a medical professional and ultimately go with someone who makes you and your family feel the most comfortable!


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