Best Nova Scotia Beaches For Family Photos

Mom with her kids on the beach in Blomidon, NS

I love living in Nova Scotia. Truly, I am so lucky that I get to call this beautiful province home where you’re never too far from the beach. We spend SO much time together as a family exploring around to visit new beaches (have you heard about Sand Dollar beach?!) and our girls could spend hours playing in the cold waves. As a Nova Scotia photographer, I have done my fair share of sessions at some of these different beaches. They provide the perfect location for family’s to connect with each other, interact with the environment and really be themselves. So here are just a few of my favourites to use for family sessions but it’s by no means a complete list! If you want your family photos taken at a beach that isn’t on this list, I am always down!!

Baxter’s Harbor

This family rocked their session. We had mixed weather and freezing cold wind but that didn’t stop us from getting these perfect photos. Baxter’s Harbor is about a 15-kilometre drive from Kentville and is open to the public year-round for free. The falls are located to the right of the parking area and cannot be missed. Not only does this spot have a beautiful 50-foot waterfall but it has fun rocks for the kids to explore and there is a pool at the bottom of the falls you can wade into (warm weather only of course!). As you can see by the photos, in the winter it’s just as beautiful with the way the ice hangs onto the cliffs. Be sure to check tide times if you’re hoping to get up close to the falls and to explore the rest of the shore, It’s a favourite hot spot for photographers, explorers and families, alike. Easy access and pretty views. What more could you ask for??

Family spending the day at the baxters harbour

Summerville Beach

This 1km long beach is a personal family favourite. We travel to Summerville Beach at least once a year and it never disappoints. It’s located about 2 hours from the Annapolis Valley and a little under 2 hours from Halifax along the south shore. The white sand is beautiful, although the water is cold.. the kids don’t typically mind! I love how Nova Scotia beaches have just SO much variety. It’s backed by sand dunes which is a nesting area for piping plover so stick to the designated pathways.

Why not book a Day-in-the-life session for your family and get your own photos having a fun beach day here!

family playing in the sand at Summerville beach during summertime in Nova scotia


“There is a red sandy beach in the Minas Basin in Nova Scotia that is unlike any other shore landscape I have ever seen. The world’s highest tides wash its shores, and the soft cliffs of Blomidon Provincial Park are constantly crumbling away; whole trees will occasionally slide down to the sea to decay slowly in the wind and brine.” – John Burnside

Blomidon Beach

Blomidon Provincial Park is a more popular spot. People travelling from out of the province may choose to visit here for the red sand and cliffs while getting their family photos taken. There are picnic areas, waterfalls, a nice hiking trail and camping too! You could have part of your session on the beach with the waterfalls and another part in the surrounding greenery or at your family’s campsite! Blomidon beach is located North of Canning. 

Family playing on sandy Blomidon Beach, NS

Kingsport Beach

This beach is Blomidon’s slightly less known little sibling. They aren’t far from each other except I have found Kingsport is typically not as busy. It may not have camping areas or hiking trails but it does have an adorable little ice cream shop and it’s one of our favourite places to go on a sunny summer afternoon. 

Summer day with family playing at Kingsport Beach

Mavillette Beach

Going in the opposite direction is Mavillette Beach. Being at the end of the province gives this beach the advantage of being one of the quietest. The white sand is beautiful and there is usually a nice wind that adds movement, texture and emotion to your images. The sandy hills make it extra fun for little ones to race up and slide down too!

sunny day at mavilette beach with family


There are way more beautiful beaches all over Nova Scotia and Cape Breton. If there is one special to your family, why not book a session there? Do you spend your days at the cottage on the water? Or maybe once a year you go on a road trip to your favourite spot. Bring me along! I’d LOVE to help capture these memories for your family.


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